Woman Licks Toilet Seat On TikTok In An Attempt To Get Attention

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Woman Posts Movie Of Herself Licking Toilet Seat On TikTok

A 21-year-old wannabe influencer has actually drawn ire for sharing a video of herself slurping a toilet chair, which she promises is on a plane, on TikTok. Ava Louise, who has been on Dr. Phil on one or more occasion, ended up being wanting to produce a “obstacle” encompassing the existing scatter of sickness, and it’s really not amusing.

  1. We are able to merely hope this really is fake.

    We all know people perform any such thing for net fame, such as faking very dangerous stunts like this for attention. Is it actually a publicly utilized bathroom chair on an airplane? Possibly or possibly perhaps not. In either case, the ramifications tend to be hazardous and silly.

  2. People are dying nowadays.

    Because current wellness situation has recently slain
    over 7,000 men and women
    around the world, the fact that any individual would attempt to obtain net popularity by creating light of these a serious concern is unsatisfactory at the best and downright exasperating at worst.

  3. What’s the woman point here precisely?

    The six-second video clip of Ava Louise slurping the toilet chair ended up being captioned, “Kindly [retweet] this so folks can understand how to correctly be sanitary about aircraft,” but that virtually doesn’t even make sense. Is she stating that no one else should lick commode seats? That somebody should cleanse the seat because people like the woman tend to be unpleasant and unhygienic? I Am Not rather positive things to make of this…

  4. Individuals have been demanding her arrest.

    Meghan McCain
    that Ava Louise must be devote prison for her antics because they only encourage people to-do dumb and risky things that may lead to major health consequences if you stick to in her footsteps.

  5. She actually is the worst sort of troll.

    Talking to Insider, Ava Louise
    that the woman commode slurping stunt had been for “clout” and advertised that she had been “tired of some b*tches called c*rona getting more publicity than ME” hence “hot blondes” can not become ill generally there was actually “no damage accomplished.” Once more, she actually is demonstrably attempting to be funny right here but i am desperate for the humor.

  6. A very important thing we could carry out is certainly not give their any attention, I suppose.

    In Ava Louise’s sight, it is likely that she thinks this stunt successful since it provided the woman the interest she clearly needs. But is essential that individuals point out stunts along these lines because the reckless and bad items that they have been in order to deter others from performing equivalent.

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