If you have a brand story to tell Ehmer’s job is to work with you & your team, with a storyteller’s heart he knows how to unlock the magic in filmmaking and translate that into a story that people love.



Ehmer teams-up with world-class specialists once it comes to food direction: the best food cinematographers, the best food stylists, the best SFX teams and crews. He brings all those food-loving professionals together to produce exquisite food storytelling through high-speed shooting using robots, on location or in his own studios.

He loves the art of creating appealing food films through epic moving, gliding, diving, colliding and mouth-watering food shots mixed in with images. The delicious sounds, movement and color will give your brand a flavor one can almost taste through the screen.


Ehmer’s passion is to always bring the magic to his creations, whether it’s working as a producer or director, by pushing the boundaries in the quest of finding the perfect capture of visually appealing scenes with the most enticing sound to translate them into captivating stories with inspiring imagery that has a cinematic style and approach.


Take a look at the Manifesto, Showreel, Food Reel and TV Commercials and you’ll understand The Magic which truly reflects his edge in directing and producing high-end Brand Imagery TV Commercials with Captivating Stories and Premium Food Content for global advertising agencies & leading brands.


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Before embarking on his filmmaking journey, Ehmer spent over a decade working in leading global network agencies, transforming himself into an advertising leader. He also ventured out to lead a young advertising agency/creative boutique for a few years.

Ehmer collaborated with top creative professionals during his agency tenure to work on 360° marketing/advertising campaigns for international and regional clients. As a dynamic team, they crafted numerous successful storytelling communications. In his additional role as the agency’s producer, Ehmer collaborated with leading film directors on a few memorable brand imagery ad films, gaining valuable insights into filmmaking and film production management. This experience eventually led him to move abroad to pursue his filmmaking journey fully.


ICI Dulux Pentalite Classic Relaunch… Log kehtey hein meira ghar classic hey (Featuring legend artist Gul Jee), Mobilink GSM Jazz Scratch Card Launch… Jazz up your life, National Sqeezy Ketchup… Dabao, lagao, khajao (laga reh, laga reh), National Ronaq Recipe Mix… Bilkul restaurant jaise, Major LU Brands Campaigns, LU Prince Relaunch on Adventure Platform… Prince with Iron Rich Energy, LU Gala… Maza ka luft dobala, LU TUC… Halki halki bhook mein halka phulka TUC, LU Candi… Woh khass baat, 50-50… Very very tasty tasty, LU Prince… Maza mein jadoo, Milcolu Launch… Solid taqaat ke liya, LU Zeera Plus… Aik aur plus, LU Bakeri, Kolson Pasta… Hona chayay kuch naya, Mayfair Cafe Launch… Kul jata hai Cafe, Mayfair Frooto Candy Launch… Juicy, Fruity, Frooto, Tullo… Amma Tullo mein pakao, Tapal Ice Tea Can & Powder Drink Launch… Chill Karo, Pak American Fertilizer Tara Urea Launch… Ab Chamka Kismat Ka Tara (Featuring Film & TV Stars Arbaz, Tauqeer & Nirma), Nestle Maggi 2-Minute Noodles Relaunch, Capri Face of the Year (First Beauty Pageant Reality TV Show in Pakistan), Capri Relaunch… Beautiful Naturally (Featuring Film & TV Star Eeman Ali), Toyota Hilux 4×4 Launch… The powerful performer, Toyota Corolla 1.6 GLI Auto Launch… Driving make easy, ICI Dulux Weathershield Relaunch… Ghar rahay, naya ka naya and many more.


Ehmer Kirmani has earned widespread recognition as a forward-thinking creative leader, strategic cultural branding narrator, and filmmaker over the past two decades.

With a multicultural track record, he has skillfully nurtured numerous global and regional brands by cultivating powerful brand imagery, distinctive brand cultures, and enthralling storytelling that enables them to thrive in their respective marketplaces.

Under Ehmer’s leadership and guided by his inspiring creativity and strategic direction, the global teams at Marcom Worldwide Network have executed a series of triumphant 360º integrated marketing and advertising campaigns.

Additionally, they have created experiential and engaging brand journeys for top international and regional multi-billion dollar brands.

Ehmer has been a key player in agency and client teams, contributing to the growth of some of the most iconic brands through creative brand transformation and shifting perceptions with integrated communications. Many of these initiatives have been acknowledged as the best global campaigns of the year.

GOLDEN PEARL | Beauty Cream | Glamourama Music Film "Aafreen Aafreen" & TVC | No. 1 Selling Beauty Cream

Glamourama Music Film

Golden Pearl Beauty Cream TVC

The Magic

Fusion of the West & the East Beauty & Glamour – A fusion like late legendary singer Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s musical composition: Aafreen Aafreen Song | Featuring Elnaaz Norouzi – a celebrity film star cum model of Bollywood & Lollywood)
Take a look how we drive the Ideation, Storytelling & BTS Journey

GENERAL TYRE | GTR - Every Journey Has a Destination | No. 1 Selling Brand

Loved the Journey of Storytelling, Directing & Producing Imagery TVC for General Tyrel with Agency BCN, we have crafted the fantastic storytelling to own the Journey of Young Achievers.

The Magic Take a look how we drive the Ideation, Storytelling & BTS Journey

IFFCO | Tiffany Bites - Nuts se Nhara Bites - Leading Biscuit Brand - GCC Region

The Magic Take a look how we drive the Ideation, Storytelling & BTS Journey

HILAL FOODS | Khopra - Rishton mein Bhara Mithas | The Market Leader in Confectioneries

The Magic Take a look how we drive the Ideation, Storytelling & BTS Journey

HILAL FOODS | Ding Dong Adventure - Mobile Game | Leading Bubble Brand

The Magic Take a look how we drive the Ideation, Storytelling & BTS Journey

GOLDEN PEARL l Beauty Cream - Beauty Forever - The Market Leader

The Magic Take a look how we drive the Ideation, Storytelling & BTS Journey

LU Prince Biscuits | Re-launch Prince -360° Marketing/Advertising Campaign

The Magic Take a look how we drive the Ideation, Storytelling & BTS Journey

ROCHE | Accu Chek Performa - Keep Performing | Accu Chek - The Market Leader ( Featuring cricket super star Waseem Akram )

Roche Accu-Chek Performa 360 Marketing/Advertising Campaign won the “Best Regional Award” and the communication was selected by Roche worldwide for airing in Indonesia Malaysia and Singapore.

We unearthed that the brand needed a purpose beyond ‘showing control over diabetes in your lifestyle’ a feature based communication which wasn’t motivating. Unearthing BRAND IDEALOGY insights from our audiences revealed that what Diabetic people really wanted was a means where “Diabetes Shouldn’t Stop Your Performance In Life” a CULTURAL STRATEGY which we encompassed as “To bring inspiration and innovation to every diabetic in the world” with our Brand’s Purpose as “Help People With Diabetes Keep Performing In Life.

Waseem Akram a star cricketer with Diabetes was chosen to lead the campaign as the HERO. Instead of as a cricketer we showed him as a golfer and someone who has never given up on the things he loved and has kept performing in all areas of his life despite having Diabetes with ACCU CHECK being a natural fit for helping him leading a performance oriented life.

This we followed up with regular everyday people who were winning in life despite having diabetes.The campaign instantly connected with people as it was for the first time that Diabetes was not shown as a debilitating disease but as one which could be managed and still help people keep on top of their life. We developed the complete storytelling platforms from the TV commercial to on-ground media and won the hearts and wallets of diabetics everywhere in the world.


Ehmer Kirmani

If you are a marketer, creative director, or the head of an agency, Ehmer firmly believes that together, WE can provide your customers with a reason to care and an engaging story to share through the magic of film.

Ehmer Kirmani is an award-winning creative and filmmaker renowned for his keen eye for creativity, boundless energy, collaboration, and trustworthiness, making him an ideal partner for your brand imagery productions.

Well-known for his collaborative and empowering leadership style, Ehmer is pivotal in helping local and global brands find their voices in the modern world. He strives to cultivate, humanize, and empower purpose-led ideal brands to lead their respective marketplaces.

With love for storytelling, Ehmer passionately works on brand purpose, manifesto, and culture narrative, crafting ideation and purpose-led communications alongside global teams in leading advertising agencies and media networks.

However, Ehmer’s passion led him into filmmaking, and by leveraging his prior experience with top global brands, he addressed the market’s needs – the need to tell captivating brand stories through the magic of film.

To pursue his filmmaking journey, Ehmer traveled across the Western and Eastern Hemispheres, working on numerous international productions for leading global and local brands in collaboration with award-winning directors, storytellers, creatives, art directors, cinematographers, and multicultural film production teams.

Through extensive knowledge, training, exposure, and expertise in film direction and storytelling, Ehmer evolved into an inventive and forward-thinking filmmaker with a keen creative eye and strategic mindset developed over time.

He has contributed to significant advertising and integrated marketing campaigns for leading brands, including Nestle, LU, IFFCO, Jazz, Toyota, Emirates, Philips & Morris, Al Futtaim, New Holland Tractor, GTR Tyre, Dulux, TCS, Tapal, Habib, National, Hilal, Mayfair, Tiffany, Capri, Golden Pearl, Meezan Bank, Bank Alfalah, Novartis, Roche, and more.



Ehmer has established a worldwide film production network at MI Films Worldwide, featuring a multicultural team of highly skilled creative and imagery talent from Europe, MENA, and Asia-Pacific.

His extensive portfolio boasts award-winning international directors and producers, cinematographers, celebrities and models, imagery and art directors, sound designers and musicians, fashion designers and stylists, food stylists, choreographers and performers, and leading VFX houses and studios. This impressive roster enables him to deliver world-class execution on every project he undertakes.

Ehmer has fostered an exceptional working culture across the network by collaborating with top film community professionals from the Western and Eastern Hemispheres.

Under his inspiring leadership, the talented, experienced, and highly skilled global creative and film production team executes every project with passion and seamless coordination. Ehmer understands how to utilize the team’s expertise and skills to deliver outstanding results.

He knows the art of crafting a powerful brand narrative that translates into captivating storytelling with epic sound and inspiring brand imagery, using a cinematic style and approach to create the real magic in every film he produces, which people love, and that’s something both you and he can be proud of.

Ehmer’s passion lies in bringing magic to his creations, whether he’s working as a director or producer, by pushing the boundaries in the quest to find the perfect capture of visually appealing scenes with the most enticing sound, ultimately translating them into captivating stories with inspiring imagery that exhibits a cinematic style and approach.

With global exposure and over two decades of experience working with the world’s finest film directors and cinematographers, Ehmer’s foray into commercial direction has gained a strong edge and expertise. His focus predominantly revolves around categories such as beauty, fashion, food, beverage, automotive, agriculture, decorative, durable, lifestyle, and NGOs.



Ehmer loves the art of creating food films through epic gliding, diving, colliding, and visually appealing food shots mixed with images; the epic sounds, movement, and color give the brand a flavor one can almost taste through the screens.

He teams up with world-class specialists in food direction: the best directors of photography, the best food stylists, and the best SFX teams and crews. He brings all those food-loving professionals together to produce exquisite food storytelling through high-speed shooting using motion control rigs, models, probes, and Phantom to Robotic Bolt for dynamic product shots in locations or studios.



Ehmer also built Gaming Studio, a game entertainment division of MI Films Worldwide by blending storytelling & film production with art & technology, his multicultural gaming team is all set to create the magic which delivers phenomenal entertainment value.

Take a look at the MANIFESTO, SHOWREEL, FOOD REEL, and TV COMMERCIALS and you’ll understand THE MAGIC which truly reflects his edge in directing and producing high-end BRAND IMAGERY TV COMMERCIALS WITH CAPTIVATING STORIES, PREMIUM FOOD CONTENT and GAMING for global advertising agencies & leading brands.



Ehmer believes his journey of exploring filmmaking and storytelling is a never-ending process and draws inspiration from various sources such as nature, people, relationships, culture, places, foods, books, movies, science, and technology.

These factors constantly enhance and improve his directing skills and expertise while he acquires valuable knowledge and develops his creative spirit by collaborating with the best creative and filmmaking professionals from the advertising, commercial, and film industries across both the Western and Eastern hemispheres.

With his extensive experience and knowledge, Ehmer has mastered the art of translating his unwavering passion for filmmaking into crafting, directing, and producing inspiring brand imagery with captivating stories through the magic of film.


That’s how Ehmer unlock the magic in every film he do and translate that into a story that people love !


Ehmer and his multicultural film production team at MI Films Worldwide and production network partners have catered to the world’s top international and regional brands.

Working as a cohesive unit or in individual capacities, they have brought enthralling brand stories to life by crafting inspiring brand imagery and collaborating with global production networks. Explore our worldwide film production network to discover our impressive clientele and international productions.



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