Make-up is an integral part of every woman’s routine. From work, going to parties, every woman has her own essentials. Tapping into this segment, Golden Pearl Whitening Cleansing Milk, another variant of Golden Pearl’s vast personal care portfolio launched itself in the market with their latest communication.

Golden Pearl wanted to show that the Whitening Cleansing Milk creamy formula deeply cleanses and removes makeup, while soothing normal, aging, or sensitive skin and to make it a daily essential for a woman, perfect for cleansing and removing makeup.

The story was built around a beautiful socialite who after coming back from a party removes all the make-up and grime from her skin to unclog pores and to make her skin feel refreshed and nourished

Once it come to film direction, I have made few amendments in the agency’s board and instead of just shooting model application shoots against dressing table in the bedroom, I have added the opening sequence to the board to bring the real magic in the film and craft an inspiring imagery of Loveliness & Elegance for Golden Pearl Whitening Cleansing Milk.

Opening shot of the film was magnificent capturing a wide shot of the model walking around the swimming pool area in an elegant manner. Candles were placed around the pool area to enhance the setting further.

From the outdoor setting, i.e. the swimming pool to the modern house, it’s easily distinguishable how we have played with the lights in each setting and the brilliant camera techniques used to follow the move of the model.

Wardrobe, just like any other aspect of the film had to be given special attention. The model had to look absolutely stunning in her white and green gown, both the brand colors which have been used to reinforce the brand image strongly. Along with the best wardrobe stylist, we had to make sure to have the best make-up stylist on board with us to enhance the model’s hair and make-up in a manner befitting our brand.

Since pearl is the most important element of the film, we made sure that the model wears accessories which are prominent and appealing. Night ambience and background has been established in the ad with nuances in the form of props that have been used such as the curtains, room furniture, lamps etc. She was made to ‘celebrate her night’ as seen in the romancing and enjoying of her beauty which probably won her kudos at her event.

The music of the film had to be specially composed to highlight the ‘Loveliness’ & ‘elegance’ we wanted to portray. London Audio Labs, In UK, one of the world’s best sound studios and who have previously done award winning work for movies, were given the assignment to create the ambiance required for the film – Clean, Beautiful, Romancing & Inspirational. The entire communication seamlessly sums up the tagline i.e. Golden Pearl Cleansing Milk…For clean, refreshed and white skin.


Film Director: Ehmer Kirmani
Executive Producer: Sherry Birk
Produced By: MI Films Worldwide

Client: Golden Pearl Cosmetic
Brand: Cleansing Milk
Featuring: Film & TV Star Payal Rajput