Agency did great job once it come to storytelling by humanizing the brand and building a strong relationship by positioned Al Ghazi Tractor as ideal companion / friend of farmers who is always there to help them in all needs from agriculture, cultivation to transportations and brings the real prosperity in their life and considering the target audience who are from rural Pakistan, they have sum up brilliantly the brand capsule “Dabung Hai Mera Yaar”

Once it come to film direction & working on director board, I have unearthed the insight that a ‘FILMI’ Culture showing Al Ghazi Tractor as the Hero would resonate with the audience and that would truly make the product brand stand out. Roping in the No. 1 star of Punjabi Films, Mustafa Qureshi was chosen as the brand ambassador to promote the efficacy of the product

Shot in rural Pakistan, capturing the rural lifestyle, a mix of narration & jingle based storytelling endorsing Al Ghazi Tractor as a “Dubang Hai Mera Yaar”by Mustafa Qureshi to built a captivating story of an inspiring imagery around the brand.

A roller coaster ride of a week, keep on rolling, keep on moving, early morning long hour shooting & non stop traveling to rural areas from villages to agriculture lands, our entire film productions team work restlessly to captured the perfect imagery of rural lifestyle from selecting the right locations, celebrity & models styling, make overs & wardrobe, everything blended well.

Capture the series of visual to showcase that how Al Ghazi Tractor played a vital role in farmer’s life by not only able to do multipurpose agriculture, cultivation day to day tasks with effective & efficient applications but also acts as a reliable transport mode to carry off heavy materials, such as bricks, crops, goods, etc. as it’s manufactured on European technology by New Holland and thus making it an ideal companion of farmer.. “Dubang Hai Mera Yaar


Film Director: Ehmer Kirmani
Line Producer: Tariq Mustaq
Produced By: MI Films Worldwide

Client: AGTL | Al Futtaim
Brand: Al Ghazi Tractor | New Holland
Agency: Media Pulse

Featuring: Legend Film Star Mustafa Qureshi | TV Stars : Arooba Mirza & Bilawal Khan