Golden Pearl, leading beauty & personal care brand, has unveiled an all new Anti-Bacterial variant of their high selling ‘Golden Pearl Beauty Soap’ with a new brand campaign, titled “STAY PROTECTED, STAY BEAUTIFUL”.

Mouni Roy, (Aka Nagaan) a famous celebrity, Film & TV Star, seems fit for the role of endorsing the brand by revealing her secret how to keep on enjoying, sunshine, beauty & nature with strong depiction of aspiring socialite and modern lifestyle with the blend of nature & beauty that have given Golden Pearl Antibacterial Whitening Soap a clean, fresh, glorious feel that created its unique proposition of beauty with complete protection & care.

Film Direction always turn out be be an amazing experience once you’re working with expressive & charming celebrity like Mouni Roy by creating imagery via nature-oriented landscapes and picturesque settings of Thailand with our passionate & unstoppable film production team.

I effectively capture the brand’s masterful and socialite personality through my skillful lens. Each of the imagery (whether the natural beauty of the outdoors or the softness and warmth of the home promising the protection from the harshness outside) tells a story about walking on and staying protected, free from the harmful effects of dust or any form of pollution.

The film was shot in a modern lavish house which later moves to an open landscape canvassed with beautiful greenery and a lake. Our multi-cultural team and crew aided in the shoot and the selection of the locales.

The establishing shots depict a working woman coming home frustrated with the grime, dust and sun damaging her skin. The application shots clearly befit the product story we had aimed to establish. We show how applying the Anti-Bacterial Soap leaves skin protected, moisturized and fresh.

Wardrobe, lighting, styling, make-up, props and the art direction was carefully crafted to exhibit the brand purpose and creative imagery.

The climax shots of the car and the breathtaking view of nature’s backdrop acted as a catalyst to effectuate the communication message “Stay protected, stay beautiful”.

Our multicultural film productions team of high skill creative & imagery resources from EUROPE, MENA & ASIA PACIFIC worked with us. In order to retain the richness in the colors of the film, we even had one of the best color grading team to work on our TVC. The film has been edited in a way that captures every essence of the TVC.

The music was composed internationally with a sound designer. The initial part of the music is dreary keeping the mood of the film in perspective transitioning to a louder more upbeat sound by adding a mix of different instruments as the film transits from the indoor scene to its outdoor luscious landscape.


Film Director: Ehmer Kirmani
Executive Producer: Sherry Birk
Produced By: MI Films Worldwide

Client: Golden Pearl Cosmetic
Brand: Antibacterial Whitening Soap
Featuring: Celebrity Mouni Roy (Aka Naagin)