One of our portfolio work, we have team up with world’s best professionals to produced the inspiring imagery TVC for Nestle Fruita Vitals conceptualized by Ogilvy, directed by award winning European Film Director Avi Karpick and produced by Ehmer Kirmani at MI Films Worldwide.

It was a great working experience with passionate creative team of Ogilvy, Business Director, Zeban Syed, Creative Director Ali Mirza and Account Director Ayesha Zafar who have crafted this amazing storytelling and have worked very closely with us along-with the visionary marketing team of Nestle, Gibran Ahmed & Shoaib Asim to translated this powerful storytelling in to a story that people love through the magic of film.

Nestle Fruita Vitals is a range of premium Juices and Nectars from Nestle. Nestle Fruita Vitals is prepared by using the finest fruit carefully chosen from the gardens of the world and processed under Nestle’s stringent quality standards.

Conceptualized by Ogilvy, the film production team shot the 2 min spot in Thailand.  Highlighting four delicious flavors – Mangos from Pakistan, Pineapple From Indonesia, Grapes From Italy and Apples from Greece – these convenient, single-serve juice boxes were shown to package and deliver only the most fruity, delicious and refreshing taste from all over the world and a nutritional value people can feel good about serving.

It was a exciting project with lot of learnings while working with world’s best film & table top director Avi Karpick, specially once it come to film making, his expertise & rich experience clearly depict his magical direction, right from defining the treatment & mood of the film to the shooting days.

Capturing cinematic shots of landscape, orchard, fields, farms & vineyard and people of Greece, Indonesia, Italy & Pakistan, sweeping shots of settings and environment with glimpses of faces, shots of famous landmarks, interactions with the orchards and ripe fruit and playing with sun flares & reflections to give an artistic feel and transition shot with water to create a dreamy sequence.

Once it’s come to beauty shots, high speed fruits & juices splashes colliding, diving & gliding shots which have really created the wow factor.

In short Avi Karpick rightly believed this was not a story that needs to be developed and told, but a beautiful, inspiring combinations of fleeting impressions to portray the various countries in atmospheric and inspiration way, almost poetic in nature and the truly derived it accordingly.


Director & DOP: Avi Karpick
Executive Producer: Ehmer Kirmani
Produced by: MI Films Worldwide

Client: Nestle
Brand: Nestle Fruita Vitals
Agency: Ogilvy