One of our portfolio work in automotive category, loved the Journey of directing and producing imagery TVC for General Tyre, fantastic storytelling to own the journey of young achiever by the agency, crafted it exquisitely and the best.

It really an amazing experience of working with European creative agency & their team on GTR project, right from the briefing session where their culture strategy & creative team has taken us through the entire journey of creating meaningful brand purpose and translating it into storytelling to built a culture of achiever around the GTR.

Thoroughly enjoyed the session with full of insights and in-depth learning of the brand and I simply loved the storytelling of young achiever where GTR being the ultimate journey partner, allowing achiever to embrace journey of life that drive you one step closer to the destination thus enabling dreams, goal & actions…and at the end summing up the entire storytelling with the brilliant brand capsule i.e GENERAL TYRE…EVERY JOURNEY HAS A DESTINATION

A big thanks to the team ECD Laur Barbu, CD J. Ollivier, Lead Brand Culturists Tudor & Hasita for providing the perfect brief & understanding of the project by sharing a perfect guideline to follow once it come to translating the storytelling into director board, working on the treatment note and crafting the mood of the film.

An unstoppable days & nights journey of filming, keep rolling, keep moving with Nature, Landscape, Highway, Tracks & Roads, we have shot mostly on countryside road, to establish the natural landscape to create inspiring imagery & cinematic feel to the film beside shooting the dynamic driving shoots to highlight the key features of the tyre & it’s performance during the journey beside shooting GTR innovation Centre.

The music was composed internationally with a sound designer who have been working on leading automotive brands and have the expertise to blend the sound effects of car journey with built up modern upbeat music keeping the mood of the film as it constantly transits from multiple scenes during the car journey.


Film Director: Ehmer Kirmani
Producer: Sherry Brik
Produced by: MI Films Worldwide

Client: General Tyre & Rubber Co
Brand: General Tyre
Agency: Media Pulse | BCN ME