LU Prince Biscuits | Re-launch Prince -
360° Marketing/Advertising Campaign

How We Activate Prince Biscuits on Adventure Platform by moving it away from the positioning
The Magical Taste (Maza Mein Jadoo )

That campaign that was fully conceptualized and executed in Pakistan went on to create global re-alignment on how to use the Prince Character by using his powers & gadgets like sword, etc. and all of DANONE’s advertising agencies at that time started using Prince on an Adventure platform with the communications based on “Iron Rich Energy”, a huge change from a ‘static’ and fun play icon to action oriented character who inspired kids.

Working as Independent Communications Consultant & producer with agency unearthed the insight that kids today dream about being courageous and bold in a very contemporary and exciting ways. We decided that PRINCE would want to help empower them a proposition for Prince to help Kids In Winning The Daily Challenges & Adventures That They Face Everyday.

This is the first commercial in the history of Prince Communications around the world where Prince actively shown on adventure platform as the protagonist of fantastic new adventures that will empower kids from everywhere and later adopted internationally for various regional communications on same adventure platform.

Even today that alignment has only been enhanced, not changed and still practiced by the brand to date, either it’s a TVC or their online game and carton series, Prince is now fully transform into action and adventure hero.

Series of Prince “Adventure are the international commercials developed by French Agency in year 2009 and even now the latest commercial Prince with Dragon, Carton Series and Game all are on the same adventure platform. The treasure hunt concept was also adapted by the region for their communication ‘Prince Mini’.

The entire communication strategy and execution inclusive of locally develop packaging while using key elements from their manual like Prince Character, Logo, Biscuits & Iron Rich Positioning while the Creative Platform, TVC concept, TVC Production was developed and handled locally where film director Sadia Ashraf & vfx director Bilal Ashraf were part of storytelling team while the communication strategy & concepts which we have given at that time, has gone through various focus groups and communications platform testing tools. This than got an approval from the regions to activate the brand on this platform.