First time ever Hilal Foods went for international productions, once I have convinced the client to go for the Inspiring Imagery Film to enhance & built their brand imagery at par with leading international & regional food players.

Producing the Inspiring Imagery with Captivating Stories for Hilal Khopra Candy as storytelling was around the Celebration of the ‘Sweet Bonding & Moments’ We have captured the sweet bonding’s stories of various relationships, between sisters, brother & sister and friends where we have shown the candy as a means of celebrating and enjoying those sweet moments.

Leading the production design team considering the overall storytelling and the multiple situations of lavish set ups. I have worked with our multicultural film productions team on each & every minute details, from art & props arrangement, to superb art direction to create the ambience for cultural wedding set up, working with fashion stylist on wardrobe & styling of models, make overs, choreography, dance rehearsals, everything done in a way to craft a rich culture & traditions & showcase the sweet bonding among sisters.

We have got the international TV artists & models to work on this project and specially got them fly to our shooting destination. The director & DOP have capture the amazing wedding sequence with wonderful lighting & camera work and expressive shots given by the charming models.

Similarity we have worked out the modern living room set up with perfect art direction & styling we get the desired ambience to shoot the sequence of sweet bonding between brother & sister & their family members.

The last sequence we have shot at the beach as how come coconut candy Imagery completed without showing tropical & exotic location and where we have shot the valley ball friendly match between girls & boys and the consumption of candies as a means of celebrating and enjoying those sweet moments.

First time, the benefit of Khopra was shown in product story and the visual feast of the coconut, rich caramel and milk was shown through high speed shot.

The music of the film had to be specially by one of the leading international sound studios and who have been working for movies beside tv commercials, were given the assignment to create the musical track required for the film – by fusing traditional & modern music & vocals to create a master piece.


Imagery Producer: Ehmer Kirmani
Director: Farooq Mannan
Produced by: MI Films Worldwide

Client: Hilal Foods
Brand: Khopra Candy
Featuring TV Star: Poonam Preet & Parul Gulati

Models: Marina, Sammy, Calam, Natalie, Melo, Andrei, Alex, Asal, Zoya, Nada, Cavin, Parviz, Ivana, Charles, Riha, Diana, Raissa, Barbie.