Despite a number of celebrity endorsement tv commercials by using top film actresses such as Meera & Sana, the brand image was still perceived as a functional, low quality product with issues arising as to ‘Aspiration’ & ‘Modern Day Brand’ Imagery at par with the leading international & regional beauty care brands.

We have taken upon the challenge with their advertising agency to produced the inspiring brand imagery through the magic of film. The entire communication tailored it to the demands of the modern day consumer’s lifestyle positioning the brand on ‘Beauty Forever’ with the brand story built on a glamourous image and an upscale socialite lifestyle culminating with the golden girl at a masquerade ball symbolism elite, royalty and gaiety.

Once it come to production design, we have worked on each & every component to craft a perfect imagery, from selecting the location to art & props arrangements, specially design rocking chair for opening sequence, product application set up to socialite party ambience creation, playing with light huge chandelier placement in out door, our multicultural imagery & art direction team really did a great job.

We have really put great efforts once working on styling & wardrobe, playing mostly with whites & soft tones for opening & application sequences, then moving into glamorous styling & wardrobe for lead model & supporting models once it come to Masquerade ball sequence. The Beautiful & glamourous look given to the lead model with stylish socialite golden gown & mask, add the magical charms that she truly become the center of attraction.

Producer & Co-Director: Ehmer Kirmani
Director: Mehreen Jabbar
Produced by: MI Films Worldwide
Model: Maribel

Client: Golden Pearl
Brand: Beauty Cream
Agency: FP&C