Tabletop Director & Storyteller


The Loving Relationship

A challenging project where we had to create an emotive appeal in storytelling by showcasing the relationship between mother & daughter & their bond with brand Young’s Mayonnaise while considering its shariah compliance advertising where we had the limitations of not showing any models or using any jingle or music in the commercials and above all it’s first ever 360o Marketing/Advertising Campaign where brand aiming to create their inspiring imagery at par with international brand being the No.1 Selling Multi Billion Value Winning Brand.
We created Young’s Mayonnaise brand purpose “Enhancing the Taste of Love” by deriving it’s brand culture “Nurturing Relationship” and crafting the capitative storytelling of mother & daughter relationship by picking the moment from their life where both were working together in the kitchen.

Being today’s girl whenever daughter work in kitchen she consider herself as a master chef by taking inspirations from cooking shows & online recipes while keep experimenting new recipes with the fusion of her creativity while taking guidance from mother.

On the other hand mother always taken the pride of her expertise & experience being the home maker and once mother daughter skills combines together they have prepared amazing new tasty dishes where Young’s Mayonnaise being their favourite taster partner enhance not only the taste of dishes but their love & bond with each other & the entire family and summing up the entire communication with brand capsule.
Young’s Mayonnaise… Barhaae sachhe rishton ka pyaar